Creative playing is important for it fosters creativity and motor function.

Cutters for Kneading and Baking

We offer forms for cutting modeling clay and dough. Our little forms are food safe and dishwasher proof and may be used with food without any risk.

The cutters are available in various motifs like butterfly, elephant, heart, car, bird, moon, star and mushroom. Our standard colors are yellow, red, green, blue, orange. Of course, you may choose the color you want. As the forms are sold in sets, no motif can be ordered singly. However, we can assort the sets according to color and motif.

To make playing more diversified, we offer cutters in geometric forms like circle, square and triangle, as well. These are also food safe and enhance the creative powers.

Modeling Tools

Our modeling tools help to bring modeling clay and other modeling material into the right form. They make removing materials from forms more easy and can also be used for decorating and shaping own ideas and creations.

The tools are offered in red but can also be produced in other colors on request.

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