Injection Molded Parts in wage work

Plastic is a good alternative

Plastic can be brought in almost any form and is easily alterable. Thanks to the injection molding technique on our modern machines manufacture happens in a quick and clean way and enables us to produce large quantities without any problem.

Compared to the production with other materials as e.g. metal or glass, the carbon emission is quite low.

The company Grünthanner-Kunststofftechnik is a medium-sized enterprise with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic parts. We offer you to manufacture your plastic parts by means of the injection molding technique as a contract manufacturer. Thanks to our modern production facility we are in the position to manufacture in a flexible and clean way. We can manufacture everything – from technical articles to medical products to toys. In addition, we have already realized ideas of customers with bio plastics, as well.

If you do not dispose of a molding plant of your own or want to take some of the load off your production, we fill in for you. You may store your forms with us, and we manufacture your articles on demand. Your costs of production and storage become less, and you remain able always to deliver the goods ordered, all the same.

We offer you our modern machines and expertise in a fair cooperation.

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Hangers for Infusion Bottles, Sealing Caps


Modeling Tools, Modeling Knives, Cutters, Bowls, Clay Squeezers


Playing Pieces, Paint-by-Numbers Sets

Painters’ Needs

Paint Rolls, Spatula, Paint Racks, Color Tin Holders

Technical Articles

Underground Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chair Technology

Grünthanner-Kunststofftechnik e.K.
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